Judgment Dave: You Know What Movies Deserve Oscar Nominations? Other Ones.

Jan 22, 2013 Comments

IGNORED BECAUSE: It’s a weird little Greek film. The plot revolves around a mysterious group of people who hire themselves out to play the role of a recently deceased person, walking-and-talking grief surrogates for bereaved families. Also ignored because its very existence is known to approximately 26 people.

REASON YOU SHOULD SEE IT: It’s a weird little Greek film about the awkwardness of death. How many of those do you get a chance to see? Furthermore, it’s a startlingly original and weirdly funny exploration of how sorrow takes people to the further reaches of self-awareness and self-delusion. You wind up in strange situations, have sex with the wrong people, stuff like that.

AVOID IF: You’re allergic to ambiguity.

WHERE TO FIND IT: On DVD and On Demand.

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