8 Great… Greediest Movie Bastards

Sep 21, 2010 Comments
Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

“Lunch,” Gekko famously brags in Oliver Stone’s 1987 treatise on greed, “is for wimps.“ In fact, the soul of Hollywood’s quintessentially greedy bastard, if indeed he has one, is sustained far more by dollars than donuts. Gekko’s insatiable quest for coinage leads the amoral, suspender-sporting, slick-haired stock trader to employ some seriously naughty-boy behavior]: he cruelly buys and then dismantles the airline at which his protégé Charlie Sheen’s father has toiled for decades; he plays dirty, seeking and using insider information; and he passes on his little dodgy bag of tricks to Sheen, who finally rises up against avarice despite his boss‘s pep talk that the key to life is being “rich enough to have your own jet, rich enough not to waste time.” Wow, that really is rich. And greedy.

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