8 Great… Greediest Movie Bastards

Sep 21, 2010 Comments
The Stockbrokers in Boiler Room

2000’s Boiler Room showcases not one or two bad eggs, or a room full of them, but hell, an entire ethos of unparalleled greed. Brokerage firm J.T. Marlin is led by its young, wealthy and corrupt namesake and his sidekick, a raging recruiter (Ben Affleck) whose pump-up-the-new-guys speech is accurately likened by our hero, Giovanni Ribisi, to a Hitler Youth Rally. (For fun, the gang later gathers at the boss’s nouveau manse to drain cans of beer and watch Wall Street while taking turns lip-synching Gecko’s key speeches.) Alas, our hero gets sucked in by the lure of canary yellow Ferraris, ridiculous houses and easy money -- too easy to be legal, as it turns out. His greed destroys the lives of his loved ones, but Ribisi does learn Hollywood’s favorite lesson (snicker, snicker): money isn’t everything.

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