8 Great...Human-Hunting Movies

Jul 08, 2010 Comments

Unlike other entries on the list, this film does not feature human hunting on a mass scale, but this 1932 cinema classic, which stars Joel McCrea and King Kong’s Fay Wray, has to be mentioned as the first film to tackle this subject head on for a mass audience. This sinister tale focuses on a shipwreck survivor that winds up on the island of Count Zaroff, who is a hunting enthusiast—a human hunting enthusiast. Bad luck, dude. You should have picked a better island. This story has been remade numerous times on TV -- in episodes of Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk and Criminal Minds, among others -- and film, including the 1993 Van Damme movie Hard Target and the 1994 film Surviving the Game, in which a homeless man (Ice-T) is stalked by wealthy game hunters.

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