8 Great... Mythological Creatures That Desperately Need to Be in More Movies

Feb 26, 2013 Comments
Everything in The Cabin in the Woods

We don’t want to spoil The Cabin in the Woods with a sequel, but who wouldn’t run through the scenario two dozen more times to get to catch all of the other monsters in action? While Cabin is both out to poke fun and honor the horror genre by highlighting overused concepts and elements, a good deal of the creature inventory is incredibly unique. Scarecrow folk, a unicorn, deadites and, of course, the merman could all be a blast to watch. Even Sasquatch, a yeti and the Wendigo make the list! But, if I could pick just one Cabin in the Woods brigade of villains for a spin-off, I’d love to see what those dismemberment goblins are capable of.  

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