8 Great... Uses of Music in Film

Apr 18, 2013 Comments
“Goodbye Horses” - Silence of the Lambs

It’s easy to assume that Buffalo Bill’s (Ted Levine) notorious dance scene in Jonathan Demme’s Oscar-winning thriller would have been horrifying regardless of the song he chose to sway to. Any guy who casually wears a human scalp as a wig while a girl is screaming from a well in his basement probably doesn’t need musical accompaniment to prove that he’s a big, scary weirdo. But Q. Lazzarus’ 1988 single "Goodbye Horses" is so pristinely eerie, so simultaneously lovely and bizarre, that one could argue it’s what truly makes the scene so memorable. It’s virtually impossible to recall that infamous tuck and pose without also recalling the song’s ethereal-sounding chorus swelling, eerily, in the background. It’s also impossible not to have nightmares for an entire week after doing so.

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