8 Great... Movies To Inspire A Boxing Career

Jan 20, 2011 Comments
Rocky (1976)

Any list about boxing movies would be remiss without Sly Stallone's. Not only will it make you want to climb into the ring, it will also make you want to slug big slabs of meat and run joyously up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. There are so many iconic moments in this film that it'd be cliché to restate them here. This film is the standard by which all feel-good boxing movies are measured, and the million-to-one odds of its hero were echoed by the film's own miracle run - it beat out Taxi Driver, Network, and All The President's Men for the Best Picture Oscar.

In a survey of Movies.com readers, 44% of users voted Rocky the best boxing movie ever. Million Dollar Baby followed with 18%; Raging Bull,13%; Cinderella Man, 8%; Ali, 6%, The Hurricane, 6%; The Champ, 3%;  When We Were Kings, 1%. What's your favorite?

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