8 Great... Gritty Western Stars

Dec 21, 2010 Comments
Rooster Cogburn, True Grit (John Wayne and Jeff Bridges)

John Wayne made his crusty, drunken U.S. Marshal famous in True Grit and he won an Oscar for it. The movie, though beloved, isn’t one of the greatest Westerns in the genre, but Wayne was a swaggering hoot – touching, even – as one of his last gasps playing a Western icon. Enter Jeff Bridges, another one of our beloved actors (who just won an Oscar for playing a country singer in Crazy Heart), in the Coen Brother’s highly anticipated revamp of the Wayne classic. More closely based on the dark Charles Portis novel, and according to all reports, uber violent with a scruffy, rough, whiskey soaked Bridges leading the proceedings; Bridges might oust Wayne as the Rooster, or rather, as a sharp-shooting cock of the walk.

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