8 Great... Gritty Western Stars

Dec 21, 2010 Comments
Pike Bishop, The Wild Bunch (William Holden)

Who can forget William Holden’s famous line in Sam Peckinpah’s most famous Western, perhaps one of the most famous Westerns in all of cinema? If they move, kill ‘em. Not many forget after they watch this vicious blast of brilliance that manages to be an elegiac ode to old scruffs, particularly Holden’s Pike, a grizzled outlaw who puts together his wild bunch (Ernest Borgnine, Jaime Sanchez, Ben Johnson, Warren Oates and later, Edmund O’Brien), after a robbery goes awry. Everyone in The Wild Bunch is inspired, but it’s Holden’s Pike who remains the film’s center – the potent reminder that this kind of life and these kinds of men are on the razor's edge of memory. But of course we’ll never forget them. The enduring classic will make sure of this.

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