Bottoms Up! Say "Cheers" to Our 10 Favorite Movie Drunks

Apr 05, 2011 Comments
1. Billy Bob Thornton as Willie T. Stokes in Bad Santa (2003)

This cult comedy hit is dark enough to justify a definition at least one notch beyond the term "black comedy." That being said, this caustic tale is laugh-out-loud hilarious from start to finish. As Willie T. Stokes, Thornton’s foul-mouthed performance is one for the ages, a new standard movie drunk actors of the future can aspire to. Stumbling around in his tattered Santa suit, Willie manages to eke out a charming moment here and there in-between atrocities like pissing his pants while kiddies wait in line to sit on his lap. But after he “beat the s*** out of some kids,” as Willie puts it, he finds purpose in his life, helping a young outcast come out of his shell and stand up to his skater tormenter.

Slurred Words of Wisdom: "Well, wish in one hand, s*** in the other; see which one fills up first."

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