8 Great…Johnny Depp Performances You’ve Probably Never Seen

May 16, 2011 Comments
Private Resort (1985)

Mandatory early dues-paying career slumming! Depp and Rob Morrow are out to prove, years before Sarah Michelle Gellar sang about it in Southland Tales, that teen horniness is, indeed, not a crime. They bust into a private resort and cavort with women twice their age and suffer no real consequences. This is basically the movie The Libertine would be if they’d bothered to show you all the dalliances instead of the doom. And what Depp fans will get are glimmers of his charm and screen charisma, a prequel to the guy we all know much better today. It was all there, waiting for someone to deck him out with a pair of scissor hands and a pirate costume.

9 of 10
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