8 Great: Paul Rudd's Most Offbeat Roles

Aug 22, 2011 Comments

The same year Rudd hit the mainstream, wooing Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, he also played the grown-up version of Tommy Doyle, the little boy Laurie Strode babysat for in the first Halloween. Before the former could make him the irresistible goof who dances like a fiend, he got to be the super creep.

A loner terribly obsessed with the serial killer who tainted his life from the get-go, Tommy spends his time alone, peeping, while creeping out the neighborhood teens and absorbing anything and everything Michael Myers. Luckily, it’s an obsession for good rather than bad as his neurosis makes him a noble hero determined to bring the serial killer down, rather than some creepy member of the Curse of the Thorn.

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