8 Great: Paul Rudd's Most Offbeat Roles

Aug 22, 2011 Comments
Diggers, Hunt (2006)

In his most understated leading role, Rudd plays Hunt, a cynical, working-class clam digger in Long Island. His father has just died, and he and his friends are the last in a long line of commercial clam diggers struggling to keep their jobs in a changing world. He’s the somber and beaten working man rather than the comic relief. He’s the anti-hero who fights against levity, arguing: “Why does everyone want to have fun all the time?”

Like Damages on television, the film is a great offering of comedic talent getting a chance to be serious (Ken Marino, also of Wet Hot, wrote the screenplay and co-stars). One might think his on-screen romance with Lauren Ambrose would be the highlight of his role, considering all the romantic gigs he’s given, but Rudd thrives most when he’s able to be serious and distant.

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