The Weirdest Gifts Given in Movies ... That You Can Now Own

Dec 16, 2011 Comments

I’m sure inventor extraordinaire Randall Peltzer meant well when he dipped into a Chinatown antique shop and tried to purchase a mysterious box from the creepiest, oldest shopkeeper you’ve ever seen at the outset of Joe Dante’s classic Gremlins. All he wanted to do was get Billy something great and original for Christmas! Turns out his purchase was incredibly adorable (I mean, who didn’t want their own little Mogwai after seeing Gremlins for the first time). That is, until his son stops paying attention and decides to not only get Gizmo wet, but also proceeds to feed the cuddly creatures after midnight setting off one of the most terrifying reproductive chain reactions in cinematic history. See, folks, that’s how a seemingly cute gift turns weird and, eventually, deadly.

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