Movies We Do and Do Not Want to See Converted to 3D

Feb 06, 2012 Comments

3-D, Please…

After a string of Hollywood successes (including Aliens), James Cameron returned to the story (about a nuclear holocaust and the lovable Connor family, Roseanne not included) that gave him his Big Break. This time, however, he was not burdened with budgetary or technical restrictions. Terminator 2 utilizes the best technology of its time to produce a complete and terrifying vision of our mutual doom at the hands of self-aware computers. And it’s awesome. Giant trucks hurtling through overpasses, a shape-shifting Terminator (Robert Patrick) that jumps into helicopters, and a death-by-knife-through-the-milk-carton scene would all benefit from the 3-D treatment. Hollywood, pause your Klumps DVD and get to work.

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