Movies We Do and Do Not Want to See Converted to 3D

Feb 06, 2012 Comments

No Thanks…

We don’t yet know what sadness looks like in 3-D, but if any film could make it happen, it’s this one. It stars Robin Williams as a mental patient who trades in his straight jacket for a medical degree when he discovers that his manic gesticulations are of great comfort to patients whose own doctors are terminally boring in their stoic writing of life-saving prescriptions. The movie punishes us with scenes of Williams wearing a clown nose and bedpans on his feet in an effort either distract his patients from their impending doom or murder the growing cancer within them with his “comedy.” (The on-screen patients are lucky; they are not long for this world; the audience, however, will have to endure this for much longer.) Still, there are places where 3-D could be easily applied – clown noses, the giant pool filled with noodles, and those long gesticulation sequences. Although one might think it ridiculous to outfit a dramedy with 3-D technology, one could also argue that green-lighting this film in the first place was just as ridiculous. And the studio would make millions in DVD sales. Hollywood execs, please spare us.

9 of 10
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