8 Great ... Board Games That Need Their Own Movies

May 14, 2012 Comments

Based on an original German game by Reiner Knizia, Kingdoms released in 2002 is a medieval fantasy strategy game where players settle a kingdom within a grid-like board. Players lay out tiles that could include dragons and gold mines which either help or hinder a player’s dominance in their kingdom building. With dragons being a hot commodity on HBO’s hit Game of Thrones and featured prominently in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit adaptation, Kingdoms is a game whose premise is the perfect setup for a rousing yarn about an underdog character on an epic quest to gain his own kingdom from the ruthless land barons of the time. Call it a period piece melded with an action/adventure and that’s a mash-up audiences would give a try right now.

Possible director: Zack Snyder (300). Kingdoms would need someone with a strong aesthetic and the ability to setup an epic arc with a lot of battle pay-off. He’s just got to work on his character building.

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