8 Great ... Board Games That Need Their Own Movies

May 14, 2012 Comments
Mouse Trap

First published 1963, Mouse Trap was one of those games that took 30 minutes to set up but only about 10 minutes to play however it was so awesome nobody cared. Essentially a Rube Goldberg contraption in a box, players set up the intricate course for a ball bearing to travel and then have their mouse piece travel around the board with the goal of setting off the trap to capture your opponent in a mouse cage. As a movie, you’ve got to go weird and surreal with the contraption remaining central and some real stakes associated with it. Perhaps a mad scientist has crafted an assemblage of incredible contraptions on an island and when his compound is infiltrated by outsiders…well, they all get triggered, one-by-one until only the mega mouse trap is left to unleash its fury!

Possible director: Terry Gilliam (Time Bandits). The Mouse Trap itself is such a weird mixture of bathtubs and boots, you’ve got to have a director with a serious case of whimsy. Gilliam can bring his incredible visual aesthetic, his animation prowess and his love of the bizarre to this adaptation and make it something freakish yet fun.  

9 of 10
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