8 Great ... Fairy Tale Heroines That Could Use an Action Reboot

May 29, 2012 Comments

The Story: A widower with a young daughter marries again to a woman with two daughters of her own. The man adores his own child but he dies soon after and she is left to be raised by the bitter step-mother who only is concerned with the pampering of her own offspring. The young girl is soon ordered around like the servants and left to clean out the cinders in the fireplaces and sleep in the barn. She’s treated poorly by her step-sisters and called Cinderella. The king announces it is time for his son to wed and a ball will be held to match him to his future wife. Cinderella can’t attend because of all her chores, but her fairy godmother appears and makes it so the young woman can attend in a magical dress and carriage that will only exist until the stroke of midnight the night of the ball. The prince falls for Cinderella but she must leave before the enchantment is done only leaving her shoe behind. He uses it to find his mystery love by trying it on every woman in the kingdom.

Heroine Twist: Drew Barrymore took an empowered pass at the Cinderella legend with Ever After in the ‘90s but it’s been awhile and since fairy tales are timeless they’re always ripe for a new pass. Disney and Pixar are showing their progressive princess power with movies like Tangled and Brave, and we think Cinderella, or a character like her, could do with an animated do-over too.

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