8 Great ... Fairy Tale Heroines That Could Use an Action Reboot

May 29, 2012 Comments
The Snow Queen

The Story: Childhood friends, Kai and Gerda, grow up next door to one another and fall in love. But the Snow Queen, how holds domain over all the snowflakes in her palace of snow sees Kai and wants him for herself. She woos him with her beauty, changes his affections for Gerda and takes him by sleigh to her North Pole palace. Gerda sets out to find him and free him, which she eventually does with her tears after a long, harrowing journey.

Heroine Twist: Despite the unfortunate name, Gerda’s a brave gal. She’s got age, beauty, and an army of snowflakes against her but nothing stops her from trying to get her man, Kai, back. The Snow Queen story has a bit of everything you want for an epic movie: gorgeous locales, a frosty queen that doesn’t play fair with someone else’s boyfriend, adversarial threats from nature and a woman in love. You cast actors with the right chemistry and we see a whole lot of hearts melting with his love story.

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