Ranking the 10 Most Terrorized Movie Families

Feb 21, 2013 Comments

You know what’s cinematic gold? Easy: when a movie plants a lovely family right in the center of some horrible, life-threatening jeopardy. Seeing a mom and dad agonizing over the safety of their children, or being thwarted by some murky, ephemeral threat goes right to the emotional jugular. That’s why filmmakers have no qualms returning to that particular well of inspiration as the basis for a lot of really compelling thrillers and horror movies.

In Dark Skies, director Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest) hopes audiences are open to seeing Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton as typical suburban parents Lacy and Daniel Barrett desperately trying to protect their two young sons from something that want to possess them. 

That got us thinking about our other favorite terrorized movie families and we’ve put together our top 10…

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