Ranking George Lucas' Non-Star Wars Films From Best to Worst

Jan 18, 2012 Comments

The new movie Red Tails opens this week, and it almost doesn't matter who else is involved. One name jumps out: George Lucas. For the record, Lucas provided the story, but not the screenplay, and he is an executive producer, but not the director. Yet Lucas is still one of the most famous names in the world of movies, thanks to his giant-sized Star Wars franchise, some of which are among the greatest American movies ever made. But who is he beyond Star Wars? Is he an artist, or a businessman? Would his career be as memorable without Star Wars? Here's a look at most of the rest of his movies, mostly "story" and producer credits. Is there a pattern taking shape, or is it too soon to tell? (Note: for brevity's sake, we're not counting TV shows, documentaries, short films, or cameos.)

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