Films Expecting Parents Should and Shouldn't Watch

May 15, 2012 Comments

When you’re an expectant father, so many horror films become even more terrifying. Do they all have creepy kids and traumatizing birthing scenes, or does it just seem this way once you’re a parent-to-be? Oh, and documentaries can be just as scary, particularly those tackling apocalyptic issues like climate change, war and the global water crisis. It’s hard not to ask why I’m even bringing a child into this world.

Hopefully the new comedy What to Expect When You’re Expecting will calm me down as my wife and I enter our final month of pregnancy. Based on the popular guide of the same name, it just might be funny and informative. Or, it will at least be a light and optimistic, positively encouraging piece of fluff to set my mind at ease on the eve of my son’s birth. The scariest scene will probably be the umpteenth joke on dads changing diapers, I’m sure.

Here is a slideshow of movies I’ve purposefully watched and movies I’ve intently avoided in the eight months excitedly yet also worriedly anticipating fatherhood.

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