The Best "Worst" Movies of 2013

Dec 31, 2013 Comments
Big Ass Spider!

Mike Mendez’s Big Ass Spider! is a silly, silly movie, but he knows it, embraces it and puts that awareness to good use. The film features Greg Grunberg as a knowledgeable and exceptionally passionate exterminator who professes that he’s in tune with his targets. One day, it just so happens that Grunberg’s Alex is receiving treatment at the very same hospital where a radioactive spider begins its attack, making Alex and his new sidekick, hospital security guard Jose (Lombardo Boyar), Los Angeles’ only hope. The scenario is outrageous, the performances are over the top and the CG is flat-out ridiculous, but combined, they create a distinct, highly appropriate tone that rocks the power to turn what should be pure nonsense into an undeniably enjoyable experience.

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