8 Great… Greediest Movie Bastards

Sep 21, 2010 Comments
The Duke Brothers, Trading Places

Randolph and Mortimer Duke are old-money, old-school, old greedy bastards in this 1983 flick: they aren’t into the whole “Brother can you spare a dime?” bit, even when the brother asking is Eddie Murphy in his prime wheeling around town on a makeshift skateboard and impersonating a lame, blind, homeless guy. The Dukes’ lust for more, more, more compels them to cheat, lie and eff with Murphy and their own creepy protégé Dan Aykroyd, whose lives they cruelly switch, unbeknownst to the poor suckers. But their savvy pawns join forces to take down the gluttonous duo--providing the only moment in Hollywood entertainment, with the possible exception of Fred Sanford‘s fake-outs, in which audiences are invited to openly delight in an elderly person‘s cardiac arrest.

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