8 Great... Uses of Music in Film

Apr 18, 2013 Comments
“Sister Christian” - Boogie Nights

There are few movie scenes as rivetingly tense and nerve-wracking as the drug deal gone awry in Paul Thomas Anderson’s electrifying 1998 film. Desperate for money, ex-porn star Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg) and two of his friends try scamming a wealthy drug dealer (Alfred Molina) by selling him fake cocaine. When they arrive at his house they are greeted with a nightmare of popping firecrackers, a wildly unhinged bagman and their own frayed nerves, all while Night Ranger’s 1984 hit single blares through the speakers at full blast. The mainstream banality of the song combined with the dark desperation of the scene makes for a fascinating and unsettling combination, and served as more proof that Anderson is a filmmaker in a class above the rest.

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