The Obnoxious Autobot Twins Will Return for Transformers 3

The Obnoxious Autobot Twins Will Return for Transformers 3

May 13, 2011

Well this is disappointing. The early buzz on Transformers: Dark of the Moon has been surprisingly promising. I've heard from people who have nothing to do with the movie that it's turned out better than expected, and I've also heard from people who work at Paramount that all involved realized they had to make up for the clustercuss that is Revenge of the Fallen in a big way, though obviously anything coming out of the latter camp should be taken with a grain of salt. And if it's coming out of director Michael Bay's mouth, you might as well just not believe it. Earlier today a senior member at the official Michael Bay forums posted a thread about how the most obnoxious and offensive aspect of Revenge of the Fallen - the twins Skidz and Mudflap - would be returning for Dark of the Moon. The first comment on his post then came directly from Bay's official account, "The Twins are not back in T3." And that would be awesome news for anyone who couldn't stand the duo in T2-- if there were any truth to it.

What makes Michael Bay action movies so great is that he loves to film in big, open, real world environments. But when you do that, you just open yourself up to all kinds of bystanders, and one such bystander took a picture of the Twins being filmed for T3. They're a new model of car now (Chevy Sparks instead of Chevy Traxx), but they sport the same colors and insignias, so it's definitely them. Let's just hope that Michael Bay denied the claim because he wants it to be a surprise when they get killed off in the opening scene of the movie. Or maybe they're no longer borderline racist caricatures, so spiritually the Skidz and Mudflap we know really aren't in T3. Or maybe - and most likely - Michael Bay just likes trolling his own forums in his spare time.

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